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Pylint false positives

"Dan Sommers"  wrote in message news:pl622a$a1f$1 at blaine.gmane.org...
> On Fri, 17 Aug 2018 09:46:01 +0200, Frank Millman wrote:
> > It is just a slight annoyance (to me) that pylint complains about the
> > subclass methods when they are called from the Field class. I don't
> > mind adding 10 stub methods to the Field class to keep it happy, but I
> > do not get the feeling that it is improving my code. I do grant,
> > however, that it may be of benefit to someone reading my code for the
> > first time.
> What about the next subclass, the one that doesn't exist today?  If you
> write it, then you know to create those ten methods.  If I write it,
> though, then those ten stubs tell me that I have to override them, and
> their docstrings tell me how.  That is a huge improvement in long term
> maintainability.

Can't argue with that. I guess it shows that I am still stuck in a 'one-man 
project' mentality.