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Pylint false positives

"Frank Millman"  wrote in message news:pku0qd$ua5$1 at blaine.gmane.org...
> Pylint is flagging a lot of lines as errors that I would consider to be 
> acceptable.
> I have an abstract class ClassA with a number of concrete sub-classes. 
> ClassA has a method which invokes 'self.method_b()' which is defined 
> separately on each sub-class. Pylint complains that "Instance of 'ClassA' 
> has no  'method_b' member".

Thanks for all the responses. They have helped to clarify my thinking.

To summarise -

1. If I want my project to be taken seriously (which I do) I should define 
all methods in ClassA, with docstrings.

2. Pythons abc module, with its @abstractmethod decorator, seems the ideal 
fit for my situation, so I should use that.