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Usenet Gateway

Comparing to IMAP and Thunderbird:

On 05/23/2018 04:39 PM, Chris Green wrote:
> Well from other comments here it seems I'm not alone but anyway:-
>     Proper threading etc. is built in


>     It's automatically archived and one can search back through
>     threads for old postings, this is by design not an add on.

point conceded, although I've never used this feature when I was on Usenet.

>     Kill files and other similar filtering abilities are part of the
>     user interface

true, but I can get the same job done with thunderbird and my normal
email filtering that I do.

>     Automatic handling of new messages and a means to say "I've read
>     everything here".

Yes I can mark an entire thread as "read" in IMAP.

>     I'm sure there's more....