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Usenet Gateway

Gene Heskett <gheskett at shentel.net> writes:

> You are stating an opinion, but no facts to back it up, so describe your 
> environment that makes you write that, please.

If he describes his environment and why he likes it, will that be a
"fact"?  Or will you dismiss that as just another "opinion"?

You asked:

> can someone explain to me why the mailing list (spam free) is not used by
> everybody?

And the fact is that in many people's opinions, "the Usenet/NNTP interface
(with a good newsreader) is so much better!"  That _is_ the answer to your

I'm using Gnus myself, and I find that for a list/group like this, it works
better than any mail client I have ever used.  The threading support is
excellent.  And the scoring system lets me not only filter out the spam,
but it also lets me tune out the people I think are idiots, who would show
up even on the mailing list.

That's just my opinion, of course.