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Spam levels.

On 2018-05-22, Peter J. Holzer <hjp-python at hjp.at> wrote:

> I didn't read on Gmane. I read on my usenet server. But the broken
> messages were all coming from Gmane. It is possible that the breakage
> only occurs when Gmane passes the message to other Usenet servers,
> although I have no idea how that could happen (frankly, I have no idea
> why Gmane should replace message-ids at all - it just doesn't make
> sense).

I never figured out exactly what the broken scenarios were nor did I
try to figure out which gateway was causing them.

Ignoring Google Groups, there are 9 possible combinations:

   Usenet <---[gateway]---> M-List <---[gateway]---> Gmane

 1. Usenet followup to M-List posting
 2. Usenet followup to Gmane posting
 3. Usenet followup to Usenet posting
 4. M-List followup to Usenet posting
 5. M-List followup to Gmane posting
 6. M-List followup to M-List posting
 7. Gmane  followup to Usenet posting
 8. Gmane  followup to M-List posting
 9. Gmane  followup to Gmane posting

Most of the combinations seem to work most of the time.  It looked
like there was at least 1 broken scenario when subscribed either via
Gmane or via "real" Usenet, but it's pretty difficult to glean the the
signal from the noise created by people with broken MUAs and/or NNTP

It's actually pretty impressive it all works as well as it does...

In any case, ignoring all postings from Google Groups is recommended.

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