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Target WSGI script cannot be loaded as Python module.

?? ?????, 22 ????? 2018 - 10:55:54 ?.?. UTC+3, ? ??????? Alexandre Brault 
> > Any ideas as to why iam getting the above error although i have python36 isntalled along with all modules? why can it find it?
> How did you install geoip2? Was it by any chance in a virtual
> environment? If it was, you need to tell mod_wsgi to use this virtual
> environment; otherwise, it'll use the global environment that probably
> doesn't have geoip2 installed

I have both python installed in parallel.
python2.7 and python3.6

I have installed the modules as

pip3.6 install bottle bottle-pymysql geopip2
and they were installed successfully.

I dont know why error log is complaining that it cnanot see the modules.