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Spam levels.

m <mvoicem at gmail.com> wrote:
> W dniu 10.02.2018 o?15:57, C W Rose pisze:
>> No other groups (in the limited set which I read) have the problem,
>> and I don't understand why the spammers neither spam a range of
>> groups, nor change their adddresses more frequently.  It may be
>> that destroying comp.lang.python is their actual objective.
>> Either way, a depressing state of affairs.
> The sad thing is, that your post is unseen, because of spam :S
> I also almost stopped reading c.l.python, because of enormous spam
> levels. Do I have any option to read it without spam, other than launch
> my own filtering NNTP server and do whack the mole game for myself?
> Maybe join forces and establish such server for public use?

The situation is getting worse:

    comp.lang.python messages 29 Jan - 14 May 2018
    Fetched: 3081
    Killed: 6616
    Valid: 31.77 %

Almost all of the garbage is coming from the "Case Solutions" poster,
with a hotmail address.  He's said himself that he doesn't read the
group, and there's really no point to endless reposting in a newsgroup
with no relevance to the posts, so it's just mindless vandalism.
He doesn't change addresses or headers much, so the filter seldom needs
updating; however, I think comp.lang.python is reaching the end of the line.

comp.lang.c has less overwhelming problems, due to a single obsessive:
    comp.lang.c messages 29 Jan - 14 May 2018
    Fetched: 3969
    Killed: 618
    Valid: 86.52 %

If you are using Linux, leafnode is easy to set up, and has enough filtering
to keep comp.lang.python readable.  I pull from news.eternal-september.org
and news.gmane.org (though I don't know how much longer gmane will last).
Both are free.


"It is very disappointing that mindless individuals are vandalising
 the Larkin toads in Hull."
    A police spokesman