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"Data blocks" syntax specification draft

On 5/21/18 9:42 PM, Mikhail V wrote:
> On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 2:14 PM, Ned Batchelder<ned at nedbatchelder.com>  wrote:
>> On 5/19/18 10:58 PM, Mikhail V wrote:
>>> I have made up a printable PDF with the current version
>>> of the syntax suggestion.
>>> https://github.com/Mikhail22/Documents/blob/master/data-blocks-v01.pdf
>>> After some of your comments I've made some further
>>> re-considerations, e.g. element separation should
>>> be now much simpler.
>>> A lot of examples with comparison included.
>>> Comments, suggestions are welcome.
>> Mikhail, you have a completely different esthetic for syntax than the rest
>> of the Python world.
> In what sense? I don't propose to add braces to Python or anything like that.

In the sense that no one likes it.? I don't mean to be blunt, but it 
doesn't look or act like Python, and it replaces existing structures 
with things that are completely different.

You've proposed it and asked for feedback, but you seem to be completely 
ignoring the feedback people are giving you.

It's not going to be added to Python. Write it as a third-party library.