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"Data blocks" syntax specification draft

On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 1:41 PM, Chris Lindsay via Python-list
<python-list at python.org> wrote:

> If a block of static data is large enough to start to be ugly, a common
> approach is to load the data from some other file, in a language which is
> designed around structured data.

Maybe it is common in industrial applications but not in smaller production,
and according to my observation not common at all in all occasional scripts.

>YAML comes to mind

Actually plugging a data syntax in existing language is not a new idea.
Though I don't know real success stories.

> What use-case do you foresee for your proposed new format, that isn't
> already (better) accomplished by using a separate structured
> data/serialisation language?

Well everything described in the doc is quite common. So simply put,
for all data beyond trivial inline [1,2,3].

If your idea is to use external data for all scenarios - then there are
many questions - which toolchains, file organisation, distribution etc.
One common approach is an TSV/ CSV editor plus a quick dirty
self-defined parser.
One criteria for a syntax - how simple to edit it in normal text editor
and how other existing data editors can do it.