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"Data blocks" syntax specification draft

On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 7:05 AM, Chris Angelico <rosuav at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Forcing us to download a PDF and then read it? Well, it's your
>>> decision. My decision is that I cannot be bothered going to THAT much
>>> effort to figure out what you're saying.
>> THAT much effort to click two times instead of one - and get a
>> formatted document instead of plain bw text. o-kaay..
> Two clicks? No, that isn't how it happened for me. I clicked on it and
> then I couldn't see the content.

Sorry I don't know - seems that everyone can see it.

> What second click am I supposed to do
> that shows me the page?

No, no second click is needed. But if you want to download a file -
there is a button "download file". So in a pair of clicks you get
a file on your PC and you can use your favorite viewer to view
PDF, which is IMO more convenient than in a browser.

>> Ok. How is about images? this proposal will require a lot of images
>> - otherwise people who read it are forced to copy-paste snippets
>> into their code editors to understand how it may look in reality.
> If you're proposing syntax for Python, it's ultimately going to have
> to be text.

All of files that I provided are TEXT. Well maybe PDF is a bit "less text
than TXT" but still its just text pieces.

> You cannot say "and every text editor has to render it
> like this". If you can't demonstrate it using plain text, you have a
> major problem on your hands.

How do you do that?!  You're truly unsurpassed master of polemics.
How you turn everything upside down so easily? - that is _me_ who tells
to make _various_ samples so as to be able to see difference by
various fonts. And it is _you_ who say "everybody look at black and
white sample with a font out of 80' ".
WTF means "If you can't demonstrate it using plain text"?
There is nothing more simple than demonstrate it in plain text.
But it is not enough to judge the syntax since there is
_huge_ difference of fonts, and presence of highlighting makes huge
difference especially for expressions with keywords.

>>> I'm not going to read your proposal if you force me to go to heaps of
>>> effort for it.
>> heaps! oh come on, youre making up again.
> No, I'm not making it up. Just because the PDF works perfectly for
> you, you assume that it'll work perfectly for everyone.

Look, PDF is one of the most widely used document exchange formats.
And you know it. I personally  don't need the PDF either - creating it
just adds me
work. And I am not debating anything about it, just made it for convenience
since someone maybe prefer it.