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Spam levels.

On 2018-05-21, Jos? Mar?a Mateos <chema at rinzewind.org> wrote:
> On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 10:00:41AM +0200, m wrote:
>> I also almost stopped reading c.l.python, because of enormous spam
>> levels. Do I have any option to read it without spam, other than launch
>> my own filtering NNTP server and do whack the mole game for myself?
>> Maybe join forces and establish such server for public use?
> If you're willing to let NNTP access go, the mailing list works 
> perfectly fine and is virtually spam-free.

You can have both.  Point your NNTP client at news.gmane.org and
subscribe to gmane.comp.python.general.

That said, I never noticed any more spam on c.l.p than on the mailing
list.  I assume that's because my Usenet provider (Panix.com) filtered
it out.  I switched from Usenet to Gmane mainly because references
headers are bit more consistent on Gmane, so threading works somewhat

[Regardless of whether I'm using Usenet or Gmane, I have slrn
configured to plonk all posts made from google.groups.]

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