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"Data blocks" syntax specification draft

W dniu 21.05.2018 o?06:00, Mikhail V pisze:
>> As Ian says, reStructuredText is the only supported format [1] for
>> PEPs, so you may as well just start using it straight away. GitHub
>> automatically renders it if you use a ".rst" extension on your file,
>> so the rendered form would be visible on the web.
> Ok. How is about images? this proposal will require a lot of images
> - otherwise people who read it are forced to copy-paste snippets
> into their code editors to understand how it may look in reality.

I would say, that if proposition of your syntax requires images, then
it's bad syntax.

And re PDF - i opened that pdf with one click - hopefully I have
configured my thunderbird to that. And what do I see? Completely
unreadable code, because you used bizzare, non monospaced,  font to code

p. m.