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Poor corporate communication culture - was Re: syntax oddities

On 05/18/2018 06:25 AM, Paul Moore wrote:
> There are two completely independent cultures here. In "Corporate"
> cultures like where I work (where IT and business functions interact a
> lot, and business users typically use tools like Outlook) top-posting
> is common, conventional, and frankly, effective. 

I beg to differ with you.  I find communication in corporate culture to
be horrible and generally ineffective.  Many times I've written an email
and got a terse, top-posted reply that didn't address my question or
point at all, requiring several emails to finally get the point across.
If the other person had simply trimmed my post to quote my question, and
then replied below it, he'd have got it right the first time, as he'd
have to actually read what I wrote while doing this.  I know I
comprehend much better when I selectively quote.

Nine times out of ten, a top posted reply from a manager is a sure sign
he hasn't bothered to read anything of what I actually wrote. Instead he
just answers the question he thought I asked.

You must work for corporations that are pretty amazing compared to the
average American one.