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"Data blocks" syntax specification draft

On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 8:28 AM, Mikhail V <mikhailwas at gmail.com> wrote:
>> >
>> > Comments, suggestions are welcome.
>> >
>> One comment.
>> I'm not interested in downloading a PDF. Can you rework your document
>> to be in a more textual format like Markdown or reStructuredText?
>> Since you're hosting on GitHub anyway, the rendering can be done
>> automatically.
>> ChrisA
> What against PDF?
> Anyway, I have reloaded files with most recent corrections in various formats:

The very best way to put your proposal is right here in the body of
the email, as plain Unicode (and primarily ASCII) text, no images, no
external links, no side dependencies.

The second best way is to have a simple link that anyone can click on
to read your proposal. It's an external dependency, but you're
depending on a web browser and a basic internet connection, and
nothing more.

Forcing us to download a PDF and then read it? Well, it's your
decision. My decision is that I cannot be bothered going to THAT much
effort to figure out what you're saying. The PDF link you give is not
viewable on the web, and the text file looks like source code for your
PDF, but isn't very readable either.

As Ian says, reStructuredText is the only supported format [1] for
PEPs, so you may as well just start using it straight away. GitHub
automatically renders it if you use a ".rst" extension on your file,
so the rendered form would be visible on the web. Consider:


I'm not going to read your proposal if you force me to go to heaps of
effort for it. The onus is on YOU to gather support, not on everyone
else to refute it, so it's up to you to publish it accessibly.


[1] Technically plain text is also supported, but not for new PEPs.