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Entering a very large number

Le 25/03/2018 ? 03:47, Steven D'Aprano a ?crit?:
> On Sun, 25 Mar 2018 00:05:56 +0100, Peter J. Holzer wrote:

> The Original Poster (OP) is concerned about saving, what, a tenth of a
> microsecond in total? Hardly seems worth the effort, especially if you're
> going to end up with something even slower.

I regret that many answers are malicious, as your.

The question was how to enter a large number without
going through a string, no matter why.
This question is absolutely legitimate, contrary to
some people think.
It seems that it is not feasible unless writting it in
a single line, which is awful.
OK, go on with the string, and Wolfgang solution using
triple quote is good.