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Entering a very large number

On 3/25/2018 10:53 AM, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> After following the thread for a while...  you will, of course, simply
> have to do a string to int conversion no matter what approach you take
> to writing it.  The number is a string of digits; it has to be converted
> to the internal representation.  Even if you write
> C = 2887148238050771212671429597130393991977609459279722700926516024197432303799152733116328983144639225941977803110929349655578418949441740933805615113979999421542416933972905423711002751042080134966731755152859226962916775325475044445856101949404200039904432116776619949629539250452698719329070373564032273701278453899126120309244841494728976885406024976768122077071687938121709811322297802059565867
> the conversion happens.

But doesn't that string-to-int conversion happen at compile-time not