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Sig monster agency (was: Thank you Python community!)

Alister via Python-list <python-list at python.org> writes:

> maybe [Ben's signatures are not sarcasm] - I use fortune to generate
> mine & it can be supprisingly apt at times

Yes. They are randomly chosen by my sig monster when I compose a
message; I have some option to ask for another, but no direct input in
the selection.

When my sig monster pulls a particularly apt aphorism from my curated
database, I occasionally end the message with praise for my sig monster
and offer it a biscuit, as is customary (and whimsical, because the sig
monster typically doesn't eat them and shows no sign that it alters its
behaviour in response to the offer).

But too often when I include such praise for my sig monster, people get
confused and think I'm offering *them* a cookie, or calling them a
monster, or some such. Explaining what's going on gets strange :-)

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