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[OT] Re: Style Q: Instance variables defined outside of __init__

On 2018-03-20, Tom Evans via Python-list <python-list at python.org> wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 5:25 PM, Grant Edwards
><grant.b.edwards at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 2018-03-20, Neil Cerutti <neilc at norwich.edu> wrote:
>>> My automotive course will probaly divide cars into Automatic
>>> Transmission, and Front Wheel Drive.
>> I get your point: the two characteristics are, in theory, orthogonal.
>> But, in the US, the two appear to be correlated.  ISTM that cars with
>> manual transmissions are much more likely to be RWD than are
>> automatics.
> I find that slightly strange, I guess in the US, manual transmission
> correlates to the non default option(?), along with RWD.

In the US, manual transmissions are only offered on "sport"
models/packges which tend to be sold to people who know/care more
about cars that the average driver.  Those models are also much more
likely to be RWD because those people are much more likely to prefer
the handling of RWD over that of FWD.

> In Europe, RWD and automatic transmission are more expensive options
> than FWD and manual transmissions, and most cars are FWD and manual.

In the US, cars with manual transmission tend to be high priced
because they are higher-performance, sports/enthusiast cars.  They're
either traditional US V8 muscle cars like Ford Mustangs and Dodge
Callengers, or they're models trying to compete with BMW 3 and 5

They may be cheaper than similar performing cars with automatics
(which are now often high-tech dual-clutch 8-speed mechanical
wonders), but more expensive than the _average_ automatic transmission

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