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[OT] Re: Thank you Python community!

That sounds more like a conspiracy theory than a real analysis of the

Looking at it from here in Europe, most of the analysis I've been able
to read and watch about it, points to a different cause: 

A lack of security: People flee to drugs (alcohol, tobacco, coffee and
other (illegal) drugs) to escape stessful environments. 

- A lack of job security 
- A lack of proper healthcare 
- Broken and single parent families 
- Poor and/or expensive education 
- Mental illness 

What I learned from visiting the USA many times is: 
- Americans value the individual, not the collective. They have been
trained to distrust anything collective, even if it is the only way to
solve an issue. 
- Money has too much influence at all levels, especially in politics.
The combination of an election system that is 2 centuries behind the
times, with modern compute power, data gathering and media technology is
corrupting the system. 
- The USA always depended a lot on immigration and never had to keep
it's own working population well educated and healthy to run the
economy. This is changing and one of the big cultural wars raging

The broken healthcare system is a symptom of these issues. 

There are other reasons people get into drugs*, but from what I've
read, my impression is that these are major causes to the current
problems in the USA. 

Successive US governments have been waging unwinnable "wars", like the
"War on Drugs" for decades, so entire industries can keep profiting.
Until you fix the problems in society the demand will not go away and
the problems will stay. 


*) Drug use also correlates with boredom and low amounts of sunlight
and an amount of predisposition. Correlation is not always causation,
but can be. 

>>> Larry Martell <larry.martell at gmail.com> 19-3-2018 20:21 >>>
On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 12:08 PM, Etienne Robillard
<tkadm30 at yandex.com> wrote:
> You guys just made me realize something very obvious. :-)
> I'm in the process right now of watching the excellent documentary
> "Drugs Inc." on Netflix and I'm basically stunned and deeply
concerned about
> the major opioid epidemic in the US.

Have no clue what this has to do with python, but the opioid epidemic
was created by collision between big pharma and the government.

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