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how to obtain the text for BeautifulSoup object

Nathan Zhu wrote:

>  Hi Team,
> could anyone help me?
> for webpage having source code like this:
> ...
> <span class="xst thread-name">
>     <em>number</em>
>     <a class="xst">name</a>
> </span>
> I only can use below sentence, since there are a lot of tag em and tag a
> in other area.
> output =
> bs4.BeautifulSoup(res.content,'lxml').findAll("span",{"class":"xst
> thread-name"})
> how can I get the text in tag em and tag a under tag span?

for thread in output:
    print("em:", thread.em.text)
    print("a:", thread.a.text)