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Thank you Python community!

Le 2018-03-19 ? 15:21, Larry Martell a ?crit?:
> On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 12:08 PM, Etienne Robillard <tkadm30 at yandex.com> wrote:
>> You guys just made me realize something very obvious. :-)
>> I'm in the process right now of watching the excellent documentary named
>> "Drugs Inc." on Netflix and I'm basically stunned and deeply concerned about
>> the major opioid epidemic in the US.
> Have no clue what this has to do with python, but the opioid epidemic
> was created by collision between big pharma and the government.
Quite simply, coding stuff in Python (or any other high-level 
programming language) is probably a very effective (and underestimated) 
way to help people in need finding a real goal in their life and the 
feeling of accomplishment.


Etienne Robillard
tkadm30 at yandex.com