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Thank you Python community!

You guys just made me realize something very obvious. :-)

I'm in the process right now of watching the excellent documentary named 
"Drugs Inc." on Netflix and I'm basically stunned and deeply concerned 
about the major opioid epidemic in the US.

I would like to thank you guys sincerely for helping a lot of people to 
stay clean, and focus on programming high-level stuff in Python instead 
of doing some really nasty drugs.

I'm also wondering, could we exploit this strategy even further to help 
people willing to stop doing drugs by teaching them some stuff in Python?

Murdering random drug dealers won't help out, i'm afraid.

Neither do putting some of them in jail is sufficient to prevent people 
from trying out cocaine and heroin it seems.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to advocate for this precise 
form of rehabilitation using open source software programming as a 
vector to make people use their brains in positive ways.

The trick I think is to let people use programming as a way to socialize 
more in order to stimulate or distract their minds whiling keeping them 
away from drugs.

It's time we regroup and combine our forces to help people who really 
needs our help.



Etienne Robillard
tkadm30 at yandex.com