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I think i fixed the problem for now. When i tried to run programs it was giving me errors in certain prewritten python files so i wiped them all and redownloaded them from the website

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On 07/03/18 14:41, Jeremy Jamar St. Julien wrote:
> I had an problem when trying to start the python GUI. It said there was a subprocess startup error. I was told to start IDLE in a console with idlelib and see what python binary i was runnning IDLE with. Im using windows 10 and i guess console refers to the terminal window and i have no idea what they meant by "the binary its running with"

I'm afraid I can't help you with with the Console program.  Windows does 
like to bury Console deep in its menus, and I don't have a copy of 
Windows 10 to find it in.

Once you have a console running, all you should need to do then is type 
"idle" at the prompt.  That should open a window, which amongst other 
things will tell you the version of Python it is using.  If that fails, 
try "idle -n" instead; it may not make any difference, but it's worth a go.

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