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On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 2:41 PM, Jeremy Jamar St. Julien
<c00298344 at louisiana.edu> wrote:
> I had an problem when trying to start the python GUI. It said there was a subprocess startup
> error. I was told to start IDLE in a console with idlelib and see what python binary i was
> runnning IDLE with. Im using windows 10 and i guess console refers to the terminal window
> and i have no idea what they meant by "the binary its running with"

The shortcuts installed for IDLE run idle.pyw explicitly via the
installed version of pythonw.exe (no console version, as opposed to
python.exe). There shouldn't be any mixup there. But if it's failing
for some other reason, then using the python.exe console app will help
to diagnose it. Run cmd.exe or powershell.exe. (FYI, these are
console-based shells. They *attach* to a console that they either
inherit or allocate, just like python.exe. Generally a shell is not a
console or terminal.) Then try `python.exe -m idlelib`. If that
command isn't found, try `py.exe -m idlelib`. This will inherit CMD's
console, and return control to CMD either after you exit IDLE, or
after Python dies on an unhandled exception.