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Ways to make a free variable local to a function?

 2018-03-05 21:44 GMT+03:00 Terry Reedy <tjreedy at udel.edu>:

> Yes, what we really want for this sort of thing are unrebindable local
> constants.  A simple syntax change could do it.
>  def func_local_1(numb; int = int, float = float, range = range):
> The binding after ';' belong in the header because they should be done
> once.
> They'd then
>> be bound at either compile time or function definition time (by
>> default the former, I think, but the latter would be more useful), and
>> be looked up as quickly as locals. I'm not sure how useful this would
>> be, though.
> I believe that the occasional practice of re-binding built-in names to
> locals can be shown to speed up loops run enough times.

Yes "_unrebindable local constants_" it is what I was thinking about. But I
do not agree that they must be passed through arguments, because they
should be somewhat static for a function, and could not be changed by any
means after function is compiled.
Alternative option, more dynamic - to allow injecting local variables into
the function via some interface. Currently, there is no such _feature_ in
Python, at least I do not know. There was _somewhat_ related discussion
about how to change the locals of a frame (https://bugs.python.org/
issue1654367) by making `frame.f_locals` writable, but it seems that it is

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