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Problem: Need galileo running on debian wheezy

Gene Heskett wrote:

> ....
> And the rock64 doesn't have wifi hardware 
> that I know of.
> .... 

  I did manage to get wifi working on my rock64
  using a usb wifi dongle ordered from their store .... 

  It was a bit fiddly to set up, somewhat shaky 
  connection-wise, and slower than I was comfortable with
  so I went with an ethernet connection which is quick 
  and stable .... 

> So, is galileo shown for armhf's ?

  The galileo package information 
  doesn't explicitly mention arm ....

  However, I've had no problem 
  with any other python package
  on the rock64 here .... 

  dpkg-print-architecture indicates that it is arm64 
  and I pull the debian stretch packages and updates from ....

    o http://mirrors.kernel.org/debian/ stretch main non-free contrib
    o http://mirrors.kernel.org/debian/ stretch-updates main contrib non-free

    o http://ppa.launchpad.net/ayufan/rock64-ppa/ubuntu xenial main

> The reason for posting here is that galileo 
> is supposedly written in python, 
> but don't know if 2 or 3.

  The stretch package  depends  information for galileo
  indicates it is for python3 .... 

  $ apt-cache show galileo
    Depends: python3-requests (>= 2), python3-usb (>= 1.0.0~b2), python3:any (>= 3.4~)

Stanley C. Kitching
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona