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Problem: Need galileo running on debian wheezy

On Thursday 01 March 2018 15:31:32 Cousin Stanley wrote:

> Gene Heskett wrote:
> > I know its supposed to be in the debian stretch repo's.
> >
> > I've been told to get a fitbit, but they don't support linux
> > of any flavor, and that leaves galileo as the possible solution?
> >
> > So how should I proceed since the only stretch machine I have ATM
> > is an arm64, aka a rock64.
>   The galileo package is available under debian stretch
>   on my rock64 ....
>     # apt-cache policy galileo
>     galileo:
>     Installed: (none)
>     Candidate: 0.5.1-4
>     Version table:
>        0.5.1-4 500
>         500 http://approx:9999/debian stretch/main arm64 Packages
>    Package details ....
>     # apt-cache show galileo
>   However, I have no clue as to its usage or effectiveness ....

Its supposed to be an interface that can talk to a fitbit. But the one I 
bought is wifi only I think since the usb clipon intended to be used for 
recharging it, has only 2 contacts. And the rock64 doesn't have wifi 
hardware that I know of. One of the reasons I bought a couple of them, 
as its required it be turned off on a pi for anything like rt-preempt 
use on a pi as its noise interferes with everything else but then found 
there is no simple "make install" for a realtime kernel thats doesn't 
just brick the sdcard. And everytime someone on the pine64 forum points 
me at another way to do it, I grab the sw, only to find its not been 
updated since 2012? I've wasted $250 so far trying.
Anyway, I'll bring in the 2nd one and see if an lshw shows a wifi with a 
minimal stretch +xfce install.
Quick answer, no. That leaves an r-pi3b, which does have wifi. But since 
its busy drowning frogs outside, I'll see if I can find a stretch 
install for it tomorrow. Currently has a jessie install.

So, is galileo shown for armhf's?

The reason for posting here is that galileo is supposedly written in 
python, but don't know if 2 or 3.

Thanks, Stanley.
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> Stanley C. Kitching
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Cheers, Gene Heskett
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