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Posting warning message

On 10Jun2018 11:26, John Ladasky <john_ladasky at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>On Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 7:47:01 AM UTC-7, T Berger wrote:
>> When I go to post a reply, I get a warning asking if I want my email address (or other email addresses listed) visible to all, and do I want to edit my post. What should I do?
>Are you posting through Google Groups?  Sometimes I see that warning as well.
>Some, but not all, Usenet software deliberately mangles email addresses when 
>composing posts.

Ah, interesting.

>It's a good thing to mangle email addresses when posting publicly, as it makes 
>it harder for spammers to find new targets.  So answer "yes", and manually 
>edit any email addresses you see in the post so that they can't be recovered.  

"Good" is subjective. I don't think it is a good thing, but many people do.

My reasoning is that I'm never going to successfully hide my email address, so 
usually I won't bother. If I need to post somewhere I'd like private, I can 
always invent a random address like:

  c2d56bb1edc5ab8a at mailinator.com

for that special purpose and move on.

GMail has good spam filtering tech on the whole, so its users should be 
relatively comfortable about spam.

So when I post to a public forum I usually use my normal email address.

This is a personal decision and anyone might choose differently.

Cameron Simpson <cs at cskk.id.au>