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Posting warning message

On Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 7:47:01 AM UTC-7, T Berger wrote:
> When I go to post a reply, I get a warning asking if I want my email address (or other email addresses listed) visible to all, and do I want to edit my post. What should I do?

Are you posting through Google Groups?  Sometimes I see that warning as well.

Some, but not all, Usenet software deliberately mangles email addresses when composing posts.  It's a good thing to mangle email addresses when posting publicly, as it makes it harder for spammers to find new targets.  So answer "yes", and manually edit any email addresses you see in the post so that they can't be recovered.  For example, if my email address was posted undisguised, you could edit it to "j... at g...com" and that should do the trick.