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Stefan's headers [was:Names and identifiers]

Chris Angelico wrote:
> I doubt very much that anyone other than
> hobbyists would write software that they're unable to sell.

Or, maybe, people who *use* the machines as part of their
livelihood, and have an incentive to produce good, reliable
software that does what they need.

> I'm also not sure that the MIT and BSD licenses would still be viable.
> Without copyright, they have no teeth, which would mean that their
> license terms of "don't sue me if it doesn't work" wouldn't apply.

It's not clear that such terms are even enforcible now.
There are places where wording like "not even the implied
warranty of fitness for a particular purpose" etc. have
no meaning, because you're not allowed to contract out
of things like that.

But in any case, there's nothing stopping you from
attaching a notice like that to something you distribute,
it just wouldn't be called a licence, but a disclaimer
or something like that. It would have the same number of
teeth either way.