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Stefan's headers [was:Names and identifiers]

Gene Heskett <gheskett at shentel.net>:
> On Friday 08 June 2018 08:18:19 Chris Angelico wrote:
>> Are news servers guaranteed to carry the X-Copyright header in all
>> transmissions? If not, the copyright notice isn't part of the message,
>> and is most likely unenforceable.
> As the courts have so found when this has come up over the last 30 years. 
> Basically, its just some newly minted lawyer trying to earn his place at 
> the feeding trough.

Copyrights exist whether they are declared or not.

If I publish a poem or, say, a Python application on Usenet, you will
need my permission to distribute it. Of course, its dissemination via
Usenet and remailers is ultimately *me* distributing my work.

In one Usenet discussion I published my translation of a Finnish
Christmas carol. The author of the original lyrics had died more than 70
years before so that was ok. However, the melody was still under
copyright so I didn't have a right to *explain* in any direct manner how
the melody went.

Luckily, someone had posted the song on Youtube so I could provide a
link (although even that could be considered criminal in some


PS IMO copyright laws should be abolished altogether. At the very least
one should pay for copyright protection. One ?1 for the first year, ?2
for the second, ?4 for the third and so on exponentially.