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OSError: [Errno 48] Address already in use

On 06/27/18 08:49, T Berger wrote:
> Why am I getting this error? I'm not sure what additional information I need to supply, so please let me know.

You asked this question two weeks ago and got several answers.? Here is 
one of them:

On 06/15/18 10:17, Percival John Hackworth wrote:

On 15-Jun-2018, T Berger wrote
(in article<3fe6b3e1-f582-415b-ace1-b104f42efef9 at googlegroups.com>):

> I?m trying to build a webapp with flask. I installed flask, created a
> webapp in IDLE, but when I tried testing it at my terminal, I got a huge
> error message. This is the app:
> [snip]
> line 467, in server_bind
> self.socket.bind(self.server_address)
> OSError: [Errno 48] Address already in use
> 192:Webapp TamaraB$
> What went wrong?

The last message in the error message "Address already in use" means that
there's a web server using the port already running on your machine. If
you're on a Mac, you already have a local web server running on your machine.
You may or may not have specifically set that up. I intentionally setup the
development version of my web site on my system for testing.

To find out what network ports are in use on your system, you can use
command-line tools to display what processes are listening to what ports. If
none of this makes sense to you, read more on Linux networking, web
programming, and system administration before you attempt to dive into
building a web application with python.

It's like you opened the hood of your car and pointed to a cap marked "710"
and are asking us "what's that?" It's actually where you pour the "OIL" when
you need to top it off.

Good luck.