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Package directory question

Ben Finney wrote:
> Robert Latest via Python-list <python-list at python.org> writes:
>> Because the main.py script needs to import the tables.py module from
>> backend, I put this at the top if main.py:
>>    sys.path.append('../..')
>>    import jobwatch.backend.tables as tables
>> My question is: Is this the way it should be done? It looks fishy. The
>> only alternative I could come up with is to put a symlink to tables.py
>> into the frontend directory, which also seems fishy.
> Your fish-sense is working correctly. Both of those are hard-coding the
> path, when the Python import mechanism is designed so you don't do that.


> * To install for use while also developing, add the ?--editable? option.

Ah, that's what I needed. Of course the problem I had was only present
during development. I haven't really looked into pip yet, so far I've
been using only "python setup.py install".