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On 08/06/18 09:00, Paul St George wrote:
> Excellent. Now I know what to do in this instance and I understand the 
> principle.
> I hesitantly tried this:
>  ??? screen = pygame.display.set_mode((720,480), pygame.FULLSCREEN | 
> pygame.DOUBLEBUF)
> Hesitantly because I expected the *bitwise or operator* (|) to work like 
> a toggle, so FULLSCREEN or DOUBLEBUF.

The bitwise OR operator peforms a bitwise OR, i.e. *both* flags get set.

> No errors were reported, but how would I check that DOUBLEBUF had been 
> set? Is there a general rule, such as replace 'set_something' with 
> 'get_something'?

There's documentation.  The link Chris gave you for 
pygame.display.set_mode() tells you that you get a Surface out of it. 
Reaching for the docs for that, this leaps out:

PS: it's generally considered polite not to top post on this mailing list.

Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd