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Problem finding my folder via terminal

On 08Jun2018 01:52, Tamara Berger <brgrt2 at gmail.com> wrote:
>In answer to your comments, I am in the correct folder. But the "ls"
>command did not return any files. Did I enter the command incorrectly?
>Or are the files not recognized? Here is what I typed into terminal:
>"Last login: Fri Jun  8 01:40:07 on ttys001
>192:~ TamaraB$ cd Desktop/mymodules
>192:mymodules TamaraB$ pwd
>192:mymodules TamaraB$ ls
>192:mymodules TamaraB$"

It looks like you have a "mymodules" folder _inside_ your "Desktop/mymodules" 
folder. Form the /Users/TamaraB/Desktop/mymodules folder, type these commands.

  ls -la
  ls -la mymodules

(Feel free to omit any other stuff in your Desktop folder listing for privacy 


  cd ~/Desktop/mymodules
  ls -laR

The "R" option will create a recursive listing. Or you could just open the 
folder in the Finder and look around:

  open ~/Desktop/mymodules

I'm thinking you've just made an additional "mymodules" inside your main 
"mymodules" by accident.

Cameron Simpson <cs at cskk.id.au>