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Stefan's headers [was:Names and identifiers]

On Fri, Jun 8, 2018 at 6:36 AM, Peter Pearson <pkpearson at nowhere.invalid> wrote:
> Here's the full header, as received by slrn from news.individual.net:
> X-Copyright: (C) Copyright 2018 Stefan Ram. All rights reserved. Distribution through any means
>   other than regular usenet channels is forbidden. It is forbidden to publish this article in the
>   Web, to change URIs of this article into links,        and to transfer the body without this
>   notice, but quotations        of parts in other Usenet posts are allowed.
> X-No-Archive: Yes
> Archive: no
> X-No-Archive-Readme: "X-No-Archive" is only set, because this prevents some services to mirror the
>   article via the web (HTTP). But Stefan Ram hereby allows to keep this article within a Usenet
>   archive server        with only NNTP access without any time limitation.

Yeah, if I were a sysadmin carrying this kind of traffic, I'd just
block all those posts rather than risk any sort of legal liability.
Not worth any sort of risk. A simple ban is easy and effective, and
fully compliant with the copyright notice.

(I don't understand this paranoia about HTTP, frankly.)