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tkinter (ttk) combobox dropdown text is white on white

On 6/3/2018 3:54 PM, Jim Lee wrote:
> Given the following snippet (Python 3.6.5, Tk 8.6.8):

What OS? Likely not Windows

> import tkinter as tk
> from tkinter import ttk
> root = tk.Tk()
> cb = ttk.Combobox(root)
> cb.grid(row=0, column=0, sticky='NSEW')
> cb['values'] = ['one', 'two', 'three', 'four']
> root.mainloop()
> The text of the values in the combobox dropdown list is white on 
> white.

Win 10, 3.7.0b5: I see black on white with blue selection background.

 ?? The *selected* item in the list is white on light grey, but all
> the unselected items are invisible (white on white).? I have played with 
> themes and styles, and can alter the foreground and background colors of 
> the combobox itself, but I cannot figure out how to alter the appearance 
> of entries in the dropdown list. Any pointers?

Terry Jan Reedy