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EuroPython 2018: Looking for a photographer

At last year?s event, we had a professional conference photographer,
Alessia Peviani, from our community, help us cover the event in


This year she unfortunately cannot attend, so we?re looking for help
from other photographers in the community.

Here?s what we can offer:

* recognition and publicity by listing you as the official EuroPython
  conference photographer

* free tickets for the conference and trainings

* refund for travel and accommodation up to EUR 500

* gratitude by our attendees who really appreciate having this kind of
  documentation available

What we are asking for:

* cover all aspects of the conference in photos

* photos licensed under the CC BY-NC license, with a special exception
  for the EPS, so that we can use the photos for promoting the

* self-management and help with administering the Flickr group,
  uploads by other community photographers and discussions

If you are interested in helping us, please write to media at europython.eu.

Help spread the word

Please help us spread this message by sharing it on your social
networks as widely as possible. Thank you !

Link to the blog post:




EuroPython 2018 Team