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Matplotlib 3D limitations, please recommend alternative

On Saturday, July 7, 2018 at 6:36:16 AM UTC-7, Rick Johnson wrote:
> John Ladasky wrote:
> > Back then I wrote:
> > 
> > "I have concluded that Qt, PyQt, and OpenGL are all
> > rapidly-evolving, and huge, software packages.  There may
> > be compatibility problems, and relevant examples with the
> > right software combination may be hard to find.  Two weeks
> > of searching web pages hasn't turned up a single example
> > which demonstrates PyQt5 doing something simple in 3D with
> > OpenGL that I can study."
> PyQT is not the only GUI toolkit with OpenGL support, you
> know. I would suggest you have a look at the alternatives.

I'm fully aware of that.  I have tried a few Python GUIs, and I have the most experience with PyQt5.  It is not necessary for me to integrate my current 3D graphics project with PyQt5, but it would be nice.