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about main()

On 07/05/18 10:47, Calvin Spealman wrote:
> You say "pitfall", but I say "allow developers to focus on 
> higher-level problems and enable developers to specialize among tasks 
> so every single one of us doesn't have to be a jack of all trades just 
> to build a todo list app".

Sure, that's the *benefit*, but the benefit doesn't erase the *pitfall*.

It's the same as with any other convenience.? When a convenience becomes 
a necessity, skill is lost.

Take a village of people.? They live mostly on wild berries.? One day, a 
man invents an automated way to sort good berries from poisonous 
berries.? Soon, all the villagers take their berries to him to be 
sorted.? The man dies, but passes the secret on to his son before doing 
so.? This continues for a few generations.? Eventually, the final 
descendant dies with no children, and the secret vanishes.? Now, the 
entire village is clueless when it comes to identifying the poisonous