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is there a problem with IDLE, python3.7.0, or my computer?

hello, I would like to notify you that there may be a problem with IDLE or Python3.7.0
I installed python 3.7.0 for my 64 bit windows 10, and it was working fine, I could also use turtle graphics using the command:? 
from turtle import *???



 and other control commands for turtle, and it was drawing in screen like normal. A while later, I opened up IDLE again. I typed the command:?????
 from turtle import *



 and it gave me an error message saying that the name forward could not be identified/it didn?t recognise it. I did the same with 


and a similar error message popped up, saying that the name left could not be identified/it didn?t recognise it. Also, it says the the else keyword is invalid syntax, even though it highlighted it in orange, (as shown in the email) meaning it recognised it as a keyword. Please notify me if there is a problem with python3.7.0, IDLE, or my windows 10 (64 bit.)

Thank you for taking my email into consideration.

P.S. I highlighted certain words in certain colors so you know how it was highlighted in IDLE

From: Ancus

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