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Handle SIGINT in C and Python (Posting On Python-List Prohibited)

Lawrence D?Oliveiro wrote:

> On Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 8:10:24 AM UTC+13, Victor Porton wrote:
>> Lawrence D?Oliveiro wrote:
>>> The usual behaviour for POSIX is that the call is aborted with EINTR
>>> after you get the signal.
>> That poll() is interrupted does not imply that Python will run its
>> pythonic signal handler at the point of interruption. That is a problem.
> * Python calls poll()
> * poll() aborted with EINTR
> * Python runs your signal handler
> Versus native C code:
> * your code calls poll()
> * poll() aborted with EINTR
> * your signal handler is run
> Where is there a fundamental difference?

I meant to call poll() from C code, not Python code. In this case when 
poll() is aborted with EINTR, the pythonic signal handler does not run.

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