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[OT] Dutch Reach [was Re: Where has the practice of sending screen shots as source code come from?]

On Tue, 30 Jan 2018 09:39:26 -0700, Ian Kelly wrote:

> Also, I just wanted to add that if you're going to use the side mirror
> then you need to watch it for a couple of seconds rather than a quick
> glance. Most people's mirrors are not particularly well adjusted to
> capture the car's blind spot, which is exactly where an oncoming cyclist
> would be. A blind spot that can fit an entire car inside of it is
> enormous compared to the size of a bicycle.

How slow is the bike travelling that it takes a couple of seconds to 
cross the length of a car? If they're travelling that slowly, they're not 
so much going to collide with the door as gently nudge it.

Of course you should do more than a quick glance, it should be a proper 
look[1], but surely in a couple of seconds a cyclist could easily travel 
three or four car lengths.

[1] You're not just looking out for cyclists, but traffic, since you're 
stepping out into traffic yourself and presumably would prefer not to 
have some wayward car take your door off, and you with it.