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Where has the practice of sending screen shots as source code come from?

On Tue, 30 Jan 2018 07:28:58 +0000, Steven D'Aprano wrote:

> On Mon, 29 Jan 2018 21:32:11 -0800, Rustom Mody wrote:
>> On Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 8:37:11 PM UTC+5:30, Steven D'Aprano
>> wrote:
>>> I'm seeing this annoying practice more and more often. Even for
>>> trivial pieces of text, a few lines, people post screenshots instead
>>> of copying the code.
>>> Where has this meme come from? It seems to be one which inconveniences
>>> *everyone* involved:
>> Have you heard of the ?Dutch Reach??
>> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news/the-dutch-reach-how-opening-car-
> door-like-the-dutch-could-save-lives-cycling/
> Ah, yes, the Dutch Reach. That would be like the French Pox (which isn't
> French), the Spanish Flu (that didn't start in Spain), the Jerusalem
> artichoke (which is neither an artichoke nor from Jerusalem), and the
> turkey (the bird, which has nothing to do with Turkey, the country).
> This technique is neither taught nor commonly used used by the Dutch:
> apparently some Americans decided that because the Netherlands has a lot
> of cyclists, they'll say its Dutch.
The British TV show QI seemed to think this is actually part of the Dutch 
driving test although they have been known to make mistakes

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dooring
> So let me see if I understand the logic...
> Rather than teach people to *explicitly* check their mirror to make sure
> it is safe before opening the car door, teach them a difficult, awkward
> maneuver which they're guaranteed to stop using the second the driving
> test is over, that merely points their head more-or-less vaguely in the
> right direction to *maybe* notice on-coming cyclists *if and only if*
> they're actually paying attention.
> I can see this falls under the problem solving technique, "We must do
> something, this is something, therefore we must do it!"
on this I can agree with you.
Personally I tend to "crack" the door a little & then look down the road 
Before opening fully. i am pretty sure I also (at least subconsciously) 
check the mirror.
Then again many* cyclists tend to be in the blind spot, dressed in dark 
clothing & have no lights & ride with zero regard to the rules of the 

> The sorts of people who can't remember to check their mirror before
> opening the car door aren't the sort who will remember to use this
> awkward technique. And for those who can remember to do so, it is
> simpler and more effective to explicitly check your mirror (as the Dutch
> actually do).
>> Presumably it goes beyond the 'inconvenience' of images-instead-of-text
>> to the saving-of-lives?
> I have no idea what connection you think is between this and emailing
> pictures of source code in place of source code.

* not all, some do appear have a desire to live.

The pollution's at that awkward stage.  Too thick to navigate and too
thin to cultivate.
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