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New to Python and understanding problem

Good morning,

Am 2018-01-30 hackte careenjoseph36 at gmail.com in die Tasten:
> One contributing factor to this problem is the artificial environment that
> online courses provide to students. Students are usually typing code into
> a web page that contains instructions and hints. This is not how real
> programming gets done. So when the course is over and it???s time to use a
> real programming environment, students feel lost without the environment
> that they are accustomed to.

I started coding in 1984 with ASM on a 8049 Microcontroller and since
then, I was always looking into other sourcecodes to understand how
something is working.

I have no clue about Python, but I feel very well/comfortable with it. I
think, it is not very complicate to learn, because python is very logic

This is why I just go the idea of bug-hunting in the blueman app.

Thanks in avance

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