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How to embed a native JIT compiler to a django app?

Hi Stephane,

Thank you for your reply. As you suggested, I believe my approach was 
too complex. So I decided to replace Cython with PyPy in order to enable 
experimental support of JIT compilation for my Python/Django web 

Best regards,


Le 2018-01-28 ? 08:32, Stephane Wirtel via Python-list a ?crit?:
> On 01/27, Etienne Robillard wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to compile a Django application into a C source file and embed 
>> a JIT compiler into the binary. Is there any way of doing this with 
>> llvm/clang?
> Hi Etienne,
> I think no, Django will use Python and this one is interpreted.
> Answer, no...
> Now, you could try to create a wheel file with your django project and
> try that, but it is really complex.
> Why do you want to package a Django app into a C file with a compiler?

Etienne Robillard
tkadm30 at yandex.com