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Simple graphic library for beginners

On 01/10/2018 09:16 AM, oliver wrote:
> Pyqt without hesitation.

Except that people are forgetting the OP is not asking about a GUI
library. The subject line reads "Simple graphic[s] library for
beginners."  He just wants a simple graphics drawing library for
beginners.  Create a canvas of a certain size, draw lines, circles, and
other primitives to it.

PyQt can do all these things, but it's overkill for what the OP requires.

Personally I recommend he look at PyGame, or SDL with PySDL2.  Both of
these libraries are designed to do what the OP is asking.  I recently
needed to do some very simple line drawing to visualize a GPS path, and
I found PyGame worked rather well, and was nearly as simple as the old
QuickBasic graphics routines.