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Simple graphic library for beginners

On 10/01/2018 14:55, Antoon Pardon wrote:
> On 10-01-18 13:40, Jan Erik Mostr?m wrote:
>> I'm looking for a really easy to use graphic library. The target users
>> are teachers who have never programmed before and is taking a first
>> (and possible last) programming course.
>> I would like to have the ability to draw lines, circles, etc. Nothing
>> fancy, as little window management as possible (possible buttons),
>> perhaps simple events like button presses or clicks on canvas - think:
>> making simple diagrams or simple figures. Cross-platform
>> Yes, I know about tkinter.
>> Yes, I know about various block languages like Scratch but they are
>> not relevant in this case.
>> Any suggestions?
>> = jem
> cairo?

Isn't that output only? (And not necessarily to a screen, but to an 
image or PDF for example.)

So that no interaction is possible.