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python server socket file transfer

On Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 9:07:33 AM UTC+2, dieter wrote:
> bingbong3334 at gmail.com writes:
> > how much client can i handel whit this code what the amount of client that i can handel
> > the size of the file is 716 kb
> > ...
> > self.sock.send(l)
> Please read the documentation for *send* in the "socket" module:
> it tells you that "send" (in contrast to "sendall") is *not* guarantied
> to send the complete *l* (there is no guarantee how much is sent);
> the return value of "send" tells you how many bytes have been sent.

bro i dont ask about if it works or not or what you say is not right i ask how much he can handel...