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[OT] Re: has sourceforge exposed the dirty little secret ?

On Sun, Jan 7, 2018, at 18:50, Gene Heskett wrote:
> That, now that you mention it, could also effect this as I see it, my 
> default kmail message body font is hack 14 in deference to the age of my 
> eyes.
> My system default font is I believe utf-8. That is not a kmail settable 
> option. But if I uncheck the "use custom fonts", it is still two pair of 
> character outlines. So to what family of fonts do these characters 
> belong?

If it supports truetype fonts (and picking fonts based on what fonts have a character available, rather than one font for the whole message), you might try the https://www.google.com/get/noto/ family - it has a black-and-white Emoji font available (color fonts require special application support, but the black and white one is just plain truetype) - of course, that won't help if it's limited to 16 bits (the fact that they are *pairs* of boxes unfortunately suggests this, but maybe it'll work properly if a font is available).